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say cheese

A few weeks ago, Milo had his very first school picture taken. The morning of, I pressed his uniform ( a rare occurrence indeed, I assure you ), washed his face extra well, and we practiced smiles at the bus stop.

This was his first attempt.

Well, that’s cute, I said, but it might look a little bit . . . awkward, strained, very slightly painful staged.

Staged? he asked.

Yes. You know, I coached, I once read that people who have their picture taken for a living have a trick to get the perfect smile every time. When the photographer asks them to smile and say cheese, they say ‘Hey!’ instead.

Hey? he asked.

Hey, I assured.

So we practiced a few Hey Smiles and thankfully the bus arrived. Because really, coaching your 4 year old child on how to smile is, at best, an excercise in futility and, at worst, incredibly vain.

And I know that. Really, I do.

Anyhow, when I picked him up that afternoon, I asked him how it went and he said well. That he liked the photographer and that he got to sit and stand and even pose like Spiderman.

Awesome, I said, I can’t wait to see them.

Fast forward to this afternoon when his teacher sent the proofs home.


Just about what I’d invisaged.

And really, I love them. In all of their awkward, strained, very slightly painful glory.

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  1. This post really made me smile. Particularly as my daughter came home a couple of weeks ago with her first school photo and her expression was identical. I thought the photographer had asked them all to growl/smile!

    November 15, 2012
  2. I love that all kids seem to have the same fake smile :)

    November 15, 2012

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