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capturing milo’s childhood

I recently finished up a six week photography course put on by the lovely Kats of Housewife Confidential and Slugs on the Refrigerator fame.  They offer three such courses, one called Manual Overdrive which will help you get to grips with the manual settings on your camera, another called Shooting Stories that will teach you how to shoot and edit digital film, and the course I was offered a place on, Collect the Moments.

I think their blurb sums up the aim of the course best.

‘Collect the Moments is a 6-week eCourse that will get you flexing your creative muscles and introduce you to technical tips that can dramatically improve your photography of your children. We tap into the very heart of family photography and work on bringing your emotional connection into the photos. It will be chock full of inspiration, advice and equipment hacks to help you take another look at your children through the lens of your camera.

It is not about having a fancy camera or expensive editing equipment. It is about using the tools you have at hand to take the best pictures possible of your children. And more than that, it is about inspiring you to think differently about capturing childhood.’

Not only has the course helped to improve my photography, it has also got me thinking about capturing images in an entirely different way, and given me a newfound confidence in my ability to get the images I’m after even though I don’t own a DSLR .  For instance, in the image above I knew the moment I snapped the picture that I had nailed the catchlights in Milo’s eyes thanks to a very simple tip I picked up in week one.  It made me deliriously happy.

I really did enjoy each and every week of the course, and knowing there would be another assignment to tackle each week made it that much easier to roll out of bed on a Monday morning!  So thank you Kats, for the chance to take part, the endless inspiration, and the much needed support!

Registration for several of the courses begins again in January, but be quick as they were just featured in the Guardian’s Christmas Gift Guide and I’m sure spots will be filling up fast!

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