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life lately


And exhale.

I cannot be the only one having trouble wrapping my head around the fact that we’ve already entered the third week of December.  I would ask where the time went, but I know.  We’ve been a busy bunch this December.

We’ve . . .

  • paid a visit to Santa in his grotto
  • explored the Christmas markets here in Nottingham and further afield in Lincoln
  • seen Rise of the Guardians and Two Little Boys ( both brilliant )
  • put up and decorated our tree
  • written, posted and received a letter in return from Father Christmas
  • made orange pomanders, festive gingerbread men, and spicy cinnamon ornaments
  • written and posted our Christmas cards
  • and finished up our Christmas shopping

We also had a small health scare concerning Milo which resulted in some tests and monitoring at the hospital but, never fear, all is well.


We’ve also been busy trying to wrap up our lives here in England as we are scheduled to be viewing the Northern Lights ( fingers crossed! ) up in Iceland in no less than six weeks time!  And from Iceland we fly directly to the US!  To like live.  As permanent residents and everything!

So yeah . . .

I suppose this is my way of saying hello!  sorry!  we’re still here!  and regular blogging might not be returning for a while!

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